How To Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS In Chrome? Best Ways In 2023


ERR_CACHE_MISS is a chrome error accompanied by a “confirm form submission” message. As the name suggests, it’s a “cache” related error that interrupts the user’s connection with the website and blocks them from accessing it. There are several methods to fix this issue which we have explored in this article. Follow the steps to fix ERR_CACHE_MISS on chrome.


When we try to access any website that you have visited before and chrome cannot find cache files, this error occurs. This error is the result of malfunctioning files, damaged caches, or other common issues related to the chrome browser. This error could be related to a code error which makes it difficult to load a webpage. In this article, we have provided a definitive guide to fixing this error.

How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in Chrome?

One of the most common solutions users can try is to refresh the page. As we mentioned earlier, the error comes with a message that says “confirm form submission”, which means refresh the page to confirm. If refreshing the page doesn’t solve the issue, try the below-given methods.

  1. Update Chrome Browser

This is one of the easiest ways to fix this error right away. If the Err cache miss is associated with the chrome browser, then we can fix it by updating the browser. Here is how,

  • Go to menu and find help, then click on about chrome browser
  • Now click on the update button and wait till the update is finished
  • Restart the browser and check for the error

Once you restart the chrome browser and try to access any website, if you face the same error again, try other methods.

  1. Clear Browsing History

Chrome saves data from every website we visit in the form of thumbnails, cookies, caches, and more. Sometimes they corrupt the connections and stop the access with the ERR_CACHE_MISS issue. Here is how to clear the browsing history,

  • Go to the menu and find more tools, now click on the clear browsing data option.
  • Now select all three options and then click on clear data

It will clear all history along with caches, cookies, and other browsing data. Now restart your browser and try to open any website, if the error persists, then try other methods.

  1. Remove or Disable Extension

Chrome extensions are small tools that help users with different tasks. They are one of the most helpful functions in chrome but most extensions are made by third-party developers which might affect your browsing. If you have numerous chrome extensions, they could cause an ERR_CACHE_MISS issue on your browser. Here is how to disable and remove chrome extensions,

  • Visit the chrome menu and find more tools, now select extensions
  • Click on the remove button and then they will ask for permission, once again click on remove.

This will remove the extension from your browser, however, you can also disable the chrome extension too. Just turn off the extension in the same menu and it won’t affect your browsing experience. Now restart your browser and try again, if you are still facing a cache miss error, then try other methods.

  1. Disable Cache

This method is designed for developers because they face this error more often. While using google chrome in developer mode, they can disable caches from the dev tools. Here is how.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I in google chrome to open developer tools
  • Now press the F1 key on the keyboard, which will open setting options
  • Now scroll down in that menu and find the network option, there you will find disable cache (while Devtools is open), check that box

Now restart your chrome browser and open the developer tools again. Check for the error with the “confirm form submission” message. If you still find this issue, you can try other methods.

  1. Reset Chrome Browser

If any of the above methods don’t work, then we have to reset the browser. Sometimes when a browser has faulty settings and we could not find it, it’s better to reset all settings. Here is how to reset the chrome browser,

  • Go to the chrome menu and find settings. After that click on the advance option and look for Reset and clean up
  • You will find an option that reads, “Restore settings to their original defaults” click on it
  • Now confirm that option again by clicking on the Reset settings button

Once you reset the chrome browser, close it and open it again. Before logging in with your Google ID, check for the ERR_CACHE_MISS issue. Even after the chrome reset you are facing the same issue, there is only one option left, resetting the network setting.

  1. Reset Network Settings

If the error didn’t originate from the browser, the only option left is the network configuration. We need to reset network settings to default and after that, we can get rid of the ERR_CACHE_MISS issue once and for all.

  • Open command prompt with administrative permission
  • After that, type the below command one by one,
  1. ipconfig/release
  2. ipconfig/all
  3. ipconfig/flushdns
  4. ipconfig/renew
  5. netsh int ip set dns
  6. netsh Winsock reset
  7. ipconfig renew
  8. ipconfig renew

Once you Flush DNS and reset network configuration with a new IP address, issues with cache miss error will be solved.

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  • What does Err_cache_miss mean?

When a user is trying to access any website but is interrupted by this error because something is missing from the code. Users find confirm form resubmission messages and ask them to refresh the page.

  • How to fix ERR_CACHE_MISS in chrome?

We can just refresh the web page and it could solve the error, but otherwise, we need to try a different method. Here is the list of fixing methods,

  • Update Chrome Browser
  • Clear Browsing History
  • Remove or Disable Extension
  • Disable Cache
  • Reset Chrome Browser
  • Reset Network Settings


Most Chrome users face countless errors in windows that can be fixed easily. However, this error requires many changes and customization in chrome and windows which is complex and hard. In this article, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to fix ERR_CACHE_MISS with detailed instructions that can help users to solve this issue. If you have any questions related to the Cache miss error, then ask us in the comment section.

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