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ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is a Chrome error often accompanied by Error 102. As the name suggests, a connection was refused from the client-side(Chrome browser) or host side(The website) which caused this glitch. Oftentimes, it’s Chrome’s issue that can be fixed with a few simple methods. In this article, we have provided a detailed step-by-step guide on how to fix connection refused errors in Chrome.


Error 102 or connection refused error indicates that Chrome declined the signals and refused to connect with the given website. There are multiple reasons behind this issue that could cause your browser to disapprove of any connection such as the website server being down, corrupted browser cache, and more. We have taken every possibility under consideration and created this guide on fixing connection refused errors. Please follow the steps chronologically to resolve error 102 quicker.


  •  Check Up-Time for Website

If you are facing this issue just for one website, then it’s advisable to check if the website is down or not. Most websites are up to date and always accessible for the users but sometimes their servers get down and become inaccessible. To confirm this suspicion, visit and paste the web address.

Click on “or just me?” And wait for a few seconds to know the status.

If the status is UP that it’s not the website issue but the browser problem. Follow other methods in this article to fix the connection refused error.

  •  Clear Chrome History and Caches

Damaged or corrupted caches are one of the most common issues Chrome users face which invites many errors. Browser files such as cookies, caches, thumbnails, and history are useful for websites to load quickly but they can create problems too. If any of those files get corrupted, it makes Chrome malfunction and produces issues like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Follow the below-given method to clear Chrome’s history.

  • Open Chrome’s menu( 3 dots on the upper right-hand side)
  • Now find more tools and then clear browsing data
  • Now check all three boxes and select clear data

This will clear all browsing data from your Chrome browser along with any corrupted caches or files with it. After that, restart your Chrome browser and try to access any website to know if the error 102 appears. If yes, then try other methods.

  •  Disable Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions are like mini-programs that help users quickly complete their tasks right on the browser. However, most of the Chrome extensions are made by a third-party developer, which could affect Chrome and hinder the browsing capability too. To know the source of the connection refused error, we need to disable the Chrome extension first.

  • Visit the Chrome menu and find more tools, then select the extension option
  • Now disable every extension in the list

After that, restart your browser and check any websites for the error 102. If you are still facing the issue, try other methods from this article.

  •  Temporarily Disable Firewall and Antivirus

Antiviruses and firewalls protect users online by blocking suspicious websites. It regularly scans the user’s computer and filters connection requests from the internet too. However, most websites do not pose any threat to users but it gets blocked by the firewall as a potential threat. To solve the connection refused error, we need to disable the firewall and antivirus temporarily.

  • Go to Windows settings or press Windows+I
  • Select Updates & Security in the settings
  • After that choose window security and then Firewall & Network Protection
  • Afterward, select the active network and turn off the window defender firewall

Most antivirus has a temporarily disabled option that allows users to disable them for a certain amount of time. For example, to Disable Avast, go to taskbar, right-click on avast and find avast shield control, then disable it.

Once you disable both antivirus and firewall, try to access any website on the Chrome browser to check the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED issue. If the error is connected with the firewall, then you can rest assured that the error is resolved. But if you are still facing the same connection refused error with 102 error code, then try other methods.

  •  Check Proxy Settings

Proxies are intermediaries between the internet and the web browser. They can filter out connections and block their singles too which results in a connection refused error. Make sure to disable proxy and access websites freely.

  • Visit the control panel and find the internet option and then find the connection tab and then LAN settings,
  • In LAN settings, look for the proxy server option, make sure to uncheck the box that says, “use a proxy server for your LAN”

This will turn off proxy settings in windows, but we need to disable proxy in Chrome too.

  • Go to Chrome menu and then settings, now click on “Advanced Settings” and find “system”,
  • Now find the option of “Open your computer’s proxy settings” and it will open the automatic proxy settings page
  • Turn off both options in that settings and then restart your PC

Once the proxy is turned off and disabled from windows, we can check for the error in the Chrome browser. If the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED persists, then try other methods.

  •  Flush DNS and Change DNS

DNS or Domain Name System converts URL to IP address and also saves in their database. Sometimes, data in DNS servers get old and interrupt the connections. For that, we need to flush DNS and acquire a new IP address. Here is how.

  • Open command prompt with administrative permission
  • Now type “ipconfig/flushdns”
  • It will flush the DNS and give you a message of Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache. Now type “ipconfig/release”
  • this will remove your IP address, now Now, to get new IP from DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), we need to type, “ipconfig/renew”

Check for the error, if you are still facing the same connection refused error, then change your DNS to Google DNS.

  • go to the control panel and then find the network and internet, network and sharing center and go to change adapter settings, the right click on ethernet and choose options
  • Now find Internet protocol and go to properties option from the different connection options
  • This is the last step, change the DNS option to Google DNS

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Google DNS is faster and quickly loads the websites, if you are still facing the same issue again, then as the final solution, we need to reinstall the Chrome browser.

  •  Reinstall Chrome Browser

If any of the above methods could not solve ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and error 102, then we need to uninstall the Chrome browser. We have established that it’s not the website issue or windows error, and now when we reinstall Google Chrome, we can eliminate the browser issue too. Here is how to uninstall the Chrome browser.

  • Go to settings by pressing Windows+I
  • Then find apps and then Chrome, then click on uninstall option and follow the instruction to uninstall Chrome from windows
  • Now we need to remove all the app data too. Open run program and type, “ %appdata%” and clear the Google Chrome data. Then type “%localappdata%” in Run windows and clear all the Chrome data as well.
  • After that visit the official site for Google Chrome and download it from there.

Once you remove all the old data from Google Chrome and reinstall the app, you can check for the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

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  • What is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome?

This error indicates that the connection was refused from the website or the browser. Sometimes when any particular website is down(server down), we can face this error. Most of the time it’s an issue with the Chrome browser that causes this error.


Perform the below-given methods to fix error 102 and connection refused error,

  • Check Up-Time for Website
  • Clear Chrome History and Caches
  • Disable Chrome Extension
  • Temporarily Disable Firewall and Antivirus
  • Check Proxy Settings
  • Flush DNS and Change DNS
  • Reinstall Chrome Browser


Most Chrome users face ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome and there is no single solution that can fix it. In this article, we have provided detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fix the connection refused error(error 102) in Chrome. If you have any questions regarding the connection error in Chrome, then ask us in the comment section

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