Modern setup host: Fix High CPU Usage Problem in 2021

The modern setup host is also known as SetupHost.exe. The main job role of SetupHost.exe is to look into the installation process for major updates. It runs in the background of system programs, for updating old versions of Windows to Windows 10 operating system, “Modern setup host” plays a vital role. In this article, we have stated some of the useful methods to fix high CPU and high Disk Usage Problems in 2021.

Slow Windows system is one of the most annoying problems, we literally won’t be able to complete our necessary tasks in our Windows Operating System. Usually, we look into the system task manager to find the actual cause for the slow functioning. What to do if Modern Setup Host is causing high CPU usage? Well, we recommend you to read further so that you can explore the fixing methods for high CPU and high Disk Usage Problems.

Fixing Methods for High Cpu Usage (Modern Setup Host)

We insist you to perform the stated methods in your Windows Operating System one after another and check whether problem High CPU Usage is fixed or not. (Boost up the functional speed of your Windows Operating System in 2021)

Run Troubleshoot in Windows System

  • Firstly type settings in Windows Search bar
  • Click on Setting option to open it
  • Now find “Update and security” and click on it
  • Next step is to click on “TroubleShoot” option
  • Now kindly, click on “Windows Update” option to proceed further
  • You will find the “Run the troubleshooter” button. Click on it.
  • The troubleshooting process will consume some time, wait till it completes. Once done, restart your Windows system.

Delete Temporary files from your Windows PC

To execute this method you have to simply type (%temp%) in your Windows Search bar. Do not include brackets, it will display all the temporary files that exist in your Windows System.

Press Ctrl + A keys simultaneously to select all the temporary files, click on delete button.

Disable Suggestions, App Control, & Background Apps!


  • Press Window + I key simultaneously to open System Settings
  • Click on System and find “Notification & Actions” option
  • Kindly, click on it and uncheck the 4th option i.e. (Get tips, trick and suggestions as you use Windows)

Modern setup host

  • Go back to system settings and choose “Personalization” option
  • Under Personalization, click on “Start” tab
  • Disable the option “Show suggestion occasionally in Start”

App Control

Modern setup host

  • Firstly open System settings in your Windows Operating System
  • Click on “Update and Security” Option
  • Now choose Windows Security to proceed further with the steps
  • You will find a tab “App & Browser control” click on it and disable it.

Note: Make sure to enable it whenever you intend to download any softwares or application from Windows App Store or from third party platforms.

Background Apps

Modern setup host

  • Open System setting in your Windows System (Press Windows + I shortcut Keys)
  • Kindly, click on “Privacy” from the given list
  • Next step is to click on “Background Apps” to find a list of installed apps
  • Disable the unnecessary Application in your Windows Operating System.

Repair Windows Update Errors (Command Prompt)

  • Type “Command Prompt” in Window Search bar
  • Kindly click on “Run as administrator” to open Command prompt
  • Now, input the below stated command one after another and click enter

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

  • The process will consume some time, wait till 100% completion.

Once done, restart your Windows Operating System.

Prevent Other Processes From Interfering With Modern Setup Host

Modern setup host

  • Open Run Window (Press Windows + R keys simultaneously)
  • Now type (msconfig) in the given blank box. ( Do not include brackets)
  • Click on General tab and select “Selective Startup” option
  • Kindly, uncheck “Load System Services” and click on the Apply tab.
  • Find Services option beside boot, click on it
  • Now what you have to do is to give check mark on “Hide all Software Services”
  • Next step is to click “Startup” option
  • Now, open the task manager and disable all startup items, click on OK tab.
  • Once done, close all active tabs and restart your Windows PC.

FAQ for Modern setup host

  • How long does a modern setup host take?

Usually for minor updates Modern Setup host takes approximately 15 minutes, whereas for large software updates it takes upto 2 hours depending on your Windows System Performance.

  • How to fix High CPU Usage problems in Windows?

To fix High CPU Usage and High Disk usage problems in your Windows Operating System, perform the below stated methods.

  1. Run Troubleshoot in Windows System
  2. Delete Temporary files from your Windows PC
  3. Disable Suggestions, App Control, & Background Apps!
  4. Repair Windows Update Errors (Command Prompt)
  • How do you stop Windows 10 from updating?

Perform the below stated steps in your Operating System to stop Windows 10 from updating.

  1. Open run Window (Press Windows + R)
  2. Type (services.msc) in the black box (Avoid brackets)
  3. Click on service option to find Windows Update
  4. Now click on startup option, find “General” and Disable it
  5. Restart your Windows PC!


We’re glad to introduce the reliable fixing methods for Modern setup host (High CPU Usage) Problem. If you have any doubt or queries kindly, note it in the given comment section. We will look into it!

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